Challenge Day 15

Review. It’s already (only?) the midpoint of the Writing Life Challenge! Just creating each day’s challenge is a challenge for me—I’m barely keeping up! How about you?

In case you missed the original idea behind the challenge (which, admittedly, has evolved a bit) or any of the challenge posts, I’ll post an easy-access review here:

Day 1: Thankfulness & Prayer
Day 2: Praise & Prayer
Day 3: Watchfulness & Prayer (now my #2 fave—it’s been replaced!)
Day 4: Devotion & Prayer
Day 5: How to Pray
Day 6: Who to Pray For
Day 7: What to Pray For
Day 8: When to Pray
Day 9: Where to Pray (knocked into my #3 fave place)
Day 10: Why to Pray
Day 11: Fasting & Prayer (my new #1!)
Day 12: Why Read the Bible? (My own answer to this is also near and dear to my heart)
Day 13: God-Breathed Scripture
Day 14: The Bible is Useful

Have you noticed a theme yet? I’m focusing on getting us back to (for some of us, started on) the basics: Daily prayer and Bible-reading. So what’s next?

Today’s Inspiration. What’s next is the last item in the short list of what Paul tells us the Bible is useful for:

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16, NIV)

Training in righteousness. That’s what we’ll focus on today. But I think before we move forward, a bit of context is important here.

When Paul wrote the books of 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy, he was writing to Timothy. Timothy was younger than Paul and trained by Paul to be a leader in the ministry, and these letters were Paul’s ways of continuing to instruct him. In the area Timothy was ministering in, people were beginning to come up with all sorts of stories and teachings that just didn’t line up with Scripture and with Jesus’ teaching, and Paul was giving Timothy advice on how to deal with that. That’s where we come to this verse, to Paul claiming that all Scripture … is useful for … training in righteousness. For training the people of God—people to whom one may be ministering—as well as for training oneself.

Top-down view of an apple on a wooden table. Photo text: Challenge Day 15, Bible-trained. #writinglifeaugustchallenge

Today’s Challenge. Training in righteousness. What does that mean? And what is righteousness? Your challenge today is to explore the answers to these questions and think about how this applies to your own life. You could focus on the word training, on the word righteousness, or on both words.

Need help knowing where to start? The concept of training also appears in Hebrews 12 (especially verses 1-13). You could start on righteousness by pulling out a dictionary, but then you would need to look and see how the word is used and described in the Bible to get the full meaning. The word is used throughout the Bible, starting with Genesis. Looking at what the Bible says about Abraham and his righteousness—in both the Old and New Testaments—is a good place to look to begin to grasp the concept. Then you could put the two together—examine what training in righteousness would look like in your own life.

Today’s Participation. Depict training in righteousness through a drawing, a painting, or a photo and then share it with someone, either in person or online. If you’re using Instagram, friend me @rhondalorraineblog and tag it with #writinglifeaugustchallenge. I’d love to see how different people depict this!

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