Challenge Day 8

Review. Welcome to the Writing Life Challenge! What is this challenge? It’s a daily challenge for the month of August designed to help you grow in your faith in Jesus by establishing (or adding to your already-existing!) daily habits of Bible reading and prayer. The participation part is designed to both allow us to encourage each other and to hold each other accountable. Jump in any time (even if it’s not August)!

Mantle with wooden sign (illegible) and partial ceramic dove figure. Photo text: Challenge Day 8: When to pray. #writinglifeaugustchallenge

Today’s Inspiration. In Colossians 4:2, Paul tells us to “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful” (NIV). We’ve been using this verse as our inspiration up to this point, and today’s focus is on the third of the “five W questions”: When should we pray?

Today’s Challenge. When should we pray? This question is a bit different from the others we’ve asked so far. Some may interpret this question as, Upon what occasions should I pray? But that question is really one of context, and more closely related to yesterday’s question: What should I pray for? Instead, then, we will ask the question in terms of time: When—what time of day or night—should I pray?

The simplest (and perhaps hardest to put into practice) answer to this question is all the time (1 Thess. 5:17). But the Bible tells us of religious practices that dedicated regular times of day to prayer (Daniel 6:10; Acts 3:1), and of what seem to be individuals’ more personal, informal prayer practices (Psalm 5:3; Mark 1:35).

Your task today is to read through the verses listed above. If you do not have a daily prayer habit or a specific time set aside to pray each day, then you should prayerfully consider if, and when, you should and could set aside a specific time each day to pray. If you do have a specific prayer habit, spend your time in prayer!

Today’s Participation. Do you have a specific time of day set aside to pray, or did you decide to set time aside as a result of this challenge? Do you struggle with this (as I often do)? Tell us so we can encourage you! Respond in the comments below, respond to the challenge Instagram post on @rhondalorraineblog, or create your own Instagram post and use the hashtag #writinglifeaugustchallenge.

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 8

  1. I don’t know about you, but I’m a morning person. I find my brain works best when I wake up after a night of restful sleep (which I’ve been blessed with on a regular basis for several years now). So a few years ago when I finally decided that I would spend a regular time in Bible reading and prayer every day (yes, EVERY day), I decided that that time would be in the morning. I wanted to give my best hours to the Lord, so I do. It’s rare that you’ll find me doing my devotions in the afternoon or evening (like tonight). And because I’m a morning person, I love Psalm 5:3 to go along with this challenge:

    “In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly” (NIV).

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