Daily Blessings Blog Feature

Do you, like me, sometimes fail to recognize God’s blessings within and upon your life? I know and confess that I am quick to complain—much quicker to complain than I am to acknowledge God’s blessings and praise him. And I want this to change. Because of this, I have started a section of this blog called Daily Blessings. It’s in the main menu on the left, right below Home and About Me. What you’ll see if you click on that is a list of options. The first option, a page titled Blessings Beyond Measure, explains in more detail what I intend(ed) to do with that part of the site. (I also bare my soul a bit more than I am comfortable with, but that is part of the challenge of this blog: be real, be vulnerable, encourage others in God through it all.)

Yellow flowers with quote blessings beyond measure are God’s greatest treasure

Beyond the first option is a list of dates. If you enjoy reading my weekly posts and want more, then you may want to check out Daily Blessings on a regular basis. As you’ll see, I’ve been writing daily (lately, as the busy-ness of the semester sets in, every-other-daily) about a God-given blessing I have recognized and tried to acknowledge in my life. I intended for these to be short, quick, this is a blessing, thank you God pages, but lately they’ve taken on a life of their own and are almost blog posts in and of themselves.

There is one thing missing from this part of the blog, and that is you. When I began it, I envisioned it as a section not only to acknowledge blessings in my life, but also to hear about blessings in yours. Would you share your own blessings? Comment about what God has been doing in your life, to encourage me and others? Let’s acknowledge God’s blessings together, and in so doing honor and praise him.

Aside: What do you think? Keep the dates or title them by a word that names the blessing? Or date + blessing together?

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