Memories of Mom

adored, admired, aunt, bashful, bookish, beautiful, Christian, capable, conscientious, cautious, caregiver, devoted, disciplined, daughter, disciple, earnest, encouraging, faithful, friend, God-fearing, generous, genuine, gracious, grandmother, humble, inspiring, introvert, Jesus-follower, joyful, journaler, kind, knowledgeable, loving, loyal, letter-writer, MOM, nervous, nurturer, obedient, patient, persevering, prudent, prayerful, quiet, redhead, rational, sensitive, shy, steadfast, sister, teacher, tactful, tender, thoughtful, upstanding, upright, vigilant, victorious, vulnerable, warmhearted, wholesome, wonderful, wise, wife, xoxo, yearning, zealous

On this Mother’s Day, I tried again and again to describe my mom—there were all the words, and no words at all. I decided to just post a picture of my mom with me and my sister, and to include small surprises for my siblings and family in the links (excuse the static—the surprises are quite old).

❤️ you, family.

Wishing all my friends and family a happy Mother’s Day.

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