The Second Run-Down

Guess what? I did it! I met my short-term running goals for the week. But before I get to me, I’d like to say GREAT JOB to virtual running club member JH, who this morning ran her second of 12 races this year (one per month) and got a personal record.

As for me, my goals last week were to actually run three times (since I didn’t do that the first time I made the goal), and to beat myself in at least two out of three runs (although I didn’t actually specify how). I did go for three runs, and one of them was actually outdoors. What a blessing—three days after having school and work called off for a polar vortex and windchills in the -30s (F), I was running outside in 53 degree weather.

Run one was over four minutes longer, 0.31 miles farther, and 1 second/mile faster than the previous week’s run. (Hey, I’ll take that 1 second per mile!)

Run two was eventful and is not fully pictured in these stats, since I forgot that my running watch turns on the GPS automatically after it recharges. I ran about three-quarters of a mile (according to my treadmill) before I figured out why the watch wasn’t tracking my mileage or my speed correctly, and started over. What you see here is the do-over—it was still longer in time and further in distance than the first week’s run and my pace improved by 22 seconds/mile. Yay!

Run three … my shortest run of the year but still a teeny bit faster than my first run of the year. And like I said—outdoors. That right there is worth it.

So next week’s goals? Honestly, with this week’s grading schedule I’m probably not going to get enough sleep to fit in three runs without injuring myself. So my goal will be to run a 5K sometime before next Sunday night. Anyone want to do the same? Run 5K, let me know you did it, and voila! Running buddies. And you can feel great about yourself because most people can walk faster than I can run/walk a 5K (and that’s okay with me).

(And nope. Not getting paid to promote Garmin or Brooks, who made my shoes. Just posting!)