January 9, 2019

This morning, I am thankful for the quiet moments, for stolen bits of solitude. I love the stillness of a quiet house, love being able to sip coffee as I read or listen to God’s word in the morning, love the time to be alone with my savior and reflect. I don’t always use the time as wisely as I should, but God is always faithful to grant me that time, always inviting me to take it. As I write, my children and husband are asleep in their beds and I hear the sounds in and around the house: the fan blowing in the hallway, the heat pumping through the furnace, the road traffic from the freeway a few blocks away. In a few short moments, the chaos of the day will begin as my family awakens and we rush to get ready and attend to the day’s tasks. But I have this moment, now, and I am thankful for this blessing, for this precious time to just be.