February 7, 2019

What a great blessing this man has been in my life—my husband. Today is his birthday, and today I want to thank God for allowing us to spend the last 19 years, 4 months as a couple—and for the many more years I hope and trust will follow this one.

My husband is humble and quiet, a bit shy around new people, but also one of the most loyal, caring people you will ever meet. He is a provider; he works endlessly to care for me, for the children, for the household, for the cars (my personal mechanic!), even for the hamsters. At the same time, he has recognized that the Lord provides—that it is not all up to him to provide for us, but up to God. And he has dedicated nearly all of his spare time to learning more about and growing closer to this God of ours. My husband truly hungers and thirsts after the Lord and his heart, and seeks him out daily.

He’s an unselfish, supportive husband, allowing me to pursue my desires and dreams. He gives of his time so I can run; he gives of his money so I can research and write; he gives away his weekends so I can serve. I am so selfish compared to him and don’t really deserve his constant giving, yet he gives anyway.

He’s a loving, playful father. He will spend countless hours playing whatever games the kids dream up and enjoying himself all the while. He draws with them, makes up stories with them, loves on them. He cares for them like a father should. (I just hope he doesn’t pass his fashion sense on to them.)

He’s also a wonderful son and son-in-law, fulfilling naturally the command to honor your father and mother. He visits his parents (now his father) every weekend just to spend time with them. He reaches out to my dad often.

I am so blessed to have you in my life and want you to know you are loved. Happy birthday.