February 1, 2019

As I sit here, racking my brain about what to write about—what have I been blessed with?—I realized that all I really need to do is look at my surroundings. So. Many. Blessings. Blessings that go unnoticed on a daily basis, one of the reasons I am writing this portion of the blog.

Blessings like these two animal companions, one of whom (of the dog variety) loves unconditionally, the other of whom (of the cat variety) may get offended now and then but always comes back with loving forgiveness.

Like the warm blankets over my lap, the pillows behind my back, the framed pictures full of wonderful memories and people I love hanging on the walls. Like the musical instruments sitting and waiting to be played, the hundreds of books waiting to be re-read on the shelves behind me, and the hundreds more available via audio—some owned, many free to borrow at any time—in the apps on my phone.

Like the piles of coats, shoes, and boots in the closet and on the floor. The many scarves, hats, gloves waiting to be worn. The games waiting to be played. The journals, written by my mother, holding memories of her moments that are precious to me to read, years after she is gone.

Like the trinkets that I’ve picked up here and there, simply because I liked them and they make for pleasant surroundings in my home. Like social media, which just sent me a message from a dear friend who may just jut off to Dubai at a moment’s notice (okay, so that’s a joke on me—but the dear friend is a definite blessing!). Like the iPad that I’m typing on, purchased with my husband’s blessing so I could pursue my writing and the research I’m doing for a book project.

Like my health—and my children’s health—and my husband’s health, which for the moment has fled but just serves us to remind us all the more what a blessing it is to be healthy most of the time.

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings that surround us daily that I barely take time to notice. Help me to notice them more, and be more and more grateful for them.